Collective Bargaining Ontario: Interactive Analytics

Collective agreement data is at your fingertips with our fully customizable reports, allowing you to tailor the information that you need in real-time. Many of the charts in each report allow you to drill down into more detail. You can also access the collective agreements related to the data that you're reviewing. You can also export charts as well as the raw underlying data.

All interactive reports on this page conform to the specifications as outlined in Ontario's Open Data Directive.

To view any of our reports on a mobile device, you must install the SAS Visual Analytics App and subscribe to the report. Details to install SAS Visual Analytics App and subscribe to a report can be found here.

Video Series: Using the Interactive Analytics Platform

Please access report links through Google Chrome to enable all functions; you can bookmark this page in Google Chrome for repeat use.

The Ontario Collective Bargaining Highlights provides an overview of collective bargaining activity in Ontario.

Report Name: Collective Bargaining Highlights

The Ontario Collective Bargaining Expiries provides an overview of collective agreements in Ontario that are set to expire.

Report Name: Collective Bargaining Expiries

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Using the Interactive Analytics Platform

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